Brokerage Services

Brokerage Services

Our CTG team provides personalized assistance to help clients navigate today’s markets within the futures and options arena. Whether you’re looking for the latest online trading technology or seeking educators to help you - we can assist.

We have built relationships with the top FCMs and clearing members that grant CTG access to worldwide exchanges and investment products. CTG's team of experts work to match your trading strategy and comfort level with best clearing facilities for your needs.

For the Self-Directed Investor: Our professional brokers will assist you in all aspects of trading. Whatever you need, your broker will help to provide you with the best support available. Whether you require assistance with placing orders or staying informed about breaking markets events and important newswire updates, your CTG broker will be working for you. Your broker will also have a variety of advisory newsletters and market commentary updates available for you to help with trading strategies and ideas.



Educators & Analysts

The resources CTG provides its clients includes service providers with varying expertise. They range from educators to financial analysts. A sample of these resources are provided below.



CTG provides resources to its clients to enable and enhance their investment experience. Some of these resources include service providers, such as educators and financial analysts. Although CTG recommends these entities and know them to be reputable, CTG encourages its clients to do their own due diligence, if the client chooses to use their services. These service providers are not affiliated with CTG and as such, the client is responsible for its relationship with the service provider.