CTA Services


CTA Services

Our professional services are designed to make every aspect of your CTA business as efficient as possible. Our operations will be configured to help make your life easier so you can focus on what you do best: Trade.

CTG will oversee allocations – we’ll help you set up your electronic or pit execution, and establish a single block trading account that will enable NFA required APS pricing across all FCMs. We’ll make every one of your accounts, across any and all FCMs, receive their respective trades. Every day we reconcile each client account for accuracy: positions, equity, margin, fees, etc.

CTG customizes Position and Equity reports to just how you, the CTA, want to see them. We include the information that you want to see every day. Our position reports are updated in real-time throughout the trading day, so you always know exactly what positions you have one overall, and in each respective account.

CTG plans a comprehensive and personalized service that is unique to each new and emerging CTA. We bring vast experience and industry knowledge to assist new and emerging CTAs grow their business. CTG provides a partner network with Banks, FCMs, IBs, RIAs and Hedge Funds. We recognize that each CTA is unique in what they need to help grow their business. We are well positioned to use all our resources and relationships to help the CTA so they can focus on what they do best, trading. CTG provides front, middle and back office administrative services and most importantly we focus on helping the CTA gain exposure to outside investors and raise assets.




CTG Lets You Do What You do Best

We provide your infrastructure's backbone to simplify and strengthen client operations. In addition, we support trading efforts through professional execution and direct market access. We also assist in capital raising efforts through tailored marketing services and introductions.

Administrative Services

  • Accounting and Legal Services
  • Daily Account Reconciliation
  • Equity and Margin Updating
  • Rating Site Review and Updating Support
  • Real-Time Position Updates and Customizable Reports
  • Trade Allocation with APS to all FCMs and IBs
  • New Account Set-Up

Brokerage and Execution Services

  • Our Brokers have trading experience in both electronic trading and open outcry pits.
  • Our specialty lies in handling complex strategies with an understanding of what the client is looking toaccomplish.
  • We are experienced in handling large orders using algorithms and sourcing off the floor liquidity.

Customized Marketing and Capital Introduction

  • Due Diligence Reports
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Monthly Investor Updates
  • Direct Capital Introductions


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At CTG, our personalized services include:

  • Global Trade Execution
  • Risk Analysis
  • Account Allocations
  • Trade Reconciliation
  • Fee Invoicing
  • Complete Customer Service