CTG provides investors with liquid alternative investment opportunities through managed futures to help diversify investments and lower portfolio volatility.

What are Managed Futures?

Unlike traditional stocks and bonds, managed futures can provide alternative investment risk management and diversification opportunities to potentially benefit a portfolio. Managed futures are traded in a discretionary account by a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA).

Types of Managed Futures Accounts:
Corporate LLC

Reasons to Consider Managed Futures

Managed futures can potentially provide investors with unique key portfolio benefits, including:


Diversify beyond the traditional asset classes.


Reduce overall portfolio volatility.


Increase returns and reduce volatility.


Returns evident in any kind of economic environment.


Strong performance during stock market declines.


Successful institutions use them.


CTAs, CPOs and Managed Futures Mutual Funds have access to a wide variety of global futures products that are liquid and transparent.


The CTA/CPO/Managed Futures Mututal Fund community is regulated.


Risk Management and Clearing.


Overall industry growth has been exceptional.

Managed Futures: Global Markets Traded

A CTA can trade managed futures in an investor’s account in several global futures markets, including:


Agricultural products such as corn, soybeans, wheat, hogs, cattle, cotton and more.


Includes both precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum as well as industrial metals like steel and copper.

Treasury Bonds

US and global treasure notes and bonds of varying lengths and types.

Equity Indices

Global stock indicies including S&P 500, Dow Jones, Russell, Nikkei, Euro Stoxx and more.


Trading the world’s currencies from Euro FX to Japanese Yen.

Selecting a CTA for
Managed Futures

We provide a CTA Database so that investors can review and compare CTAs to select the right manager for their investing needs. The CTA database includes background information, trading descriptions, minimums, and performance data since inception. Additionally, we also offer a variety of analytical tools including statistical analysis reports and a portfolio builder.

Why CTG for Managed Futures?

Capital Trading Group, LLLP (“CTG”) is a Chicago-based investment firm focusing on alternative investment opportunities in futures and options markets around the globe. For over a decade, we’ve provided comprehensive solutions for both investment managers – particularly Commodity Trading Advisors and for professional and individual investors.

CTG’s goal is to nurture and build client relationships by providing complete investment information, tools, insight and resources, backed by a superior customer service experience.

CTA Services

Work with a unique partner who can provide complete insight into your business, access to potential allocators, and our proprietary technology for analyzing your performance. Resources for managers and more.

CTG’s Managed Futures Blog Posts

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